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1. It substitutes CNG, Petrol, Diesel & LPG
2. No modification in Vehicle required, may be some Retrofit kit is sufficient for 100% Substitution.
3. Fossil CNG and AgroGaz ® CBG has the Same Quality, as it satisfies IS-16087:2016 Standard.

Technically Feasible

1. The Capex, Opex is such that the Simple Payback on Capital, is around 3.5 years.
2. AgroGaz ® is Bankable proposal. Has IRR about 16 to 24% (Case to Case basis, Based on Feedstock costs Cost of CBG Sold in the Market)

Economically Viable

1. The AgroGaz ® production process is Carbon Neutral. Does not Effectively Adds CO2 in the Atmosphere.
2. AgroGaz ® 100% Substitutes Fossil Fuels at par.
3. AgroGaz ® can get Carbon Credits!

Environmentally Sustainable

1. AgroGaz ® is 2nd Generation Biofuel, based on Lingo- Cellulosic Biomass. No Conflict of Food with Fuel.
2. With Energy Farming of Napier Grass, the Grassroot farmers can earn substantially.
3. Huge Employment Opportunity is Created, in Villages, as AgroGaz ® is based on Biomass / Agro Residue / Energy Farming done in Villages.

Socially Acceptable

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Primove Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

A prominent entity in the world of gaseous and renewable fuels.
Having successfully executed more than 100 challenging projects, Primove is a brand to reckon with.

Currently focused on patented AgroGaz ®  technology, a process for producing Bio-CNG (2 nd Gen. CBG),
Primove is playing a key role in shaping the future of renewable energy.

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Why AgroGaz?

Earn More with Sustainable Waste Management

Businesses in the areas of food processing, wholesaling, horticulture, floriculture, fishery and
other allied sectors can start a parallel income stream by turning their organic wastes into CBG
using AgroGaz ® Technology.